Why We Need Exceptional Board Governance More Than Ever

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    Susan Lorenz

      Why We Need Exceptional Board Governance More Than Ever

      BoardSouce has a great blog on “Why We Need Exceptional Board Governance More than Ever.”  We wanted to share its 12 principles with you as it could spark some lively discussion at your next virtual board meeting.  Whether you serve on a community foundation board or if you serve on a nonprofit board in your community, the information is very valuable for all of us.

      The blog is filled with thoughtful information for us to consider during this challenging times.  Below are a few thoughts from the blog.

      Sometimes when there is a crisis in our lives, we get fired up and singularly focused on dealing with that particular issue. In some ways, we become more productive and better collaborators all because have the same goal — to work together to overcome this challenge.

      However, we also find ourselves ignoring our usual good habits in order to “just get through” this time.  It’s the same for our nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofits need good boards more than ever, and our boards need their good governance practices to help our communities work through this pandemic. While it might be tempting for our boards to ignore their usual board practices and good governance procedures to address the COVID-19 situation, we would encourage you to stay strong and be intentional about your board practices, and instead, use this time to work towards exceptional governance.

      In 2005, BoardSource published The Source to inspire boards to operate at the highest level and make the best use of their collective capacity.  It outlined 12 principles of good governance exhibited by exceptional boards.

      These principles are especially important during COVID-19, so we thought we would share how we can use these principles to leverage our boards for their great contributions.  Please go to:  https://blog.boardsource.org/blog/why-we-need-exceptional-board-governance-more-than-ever

      With the 12 principles, you are sure to find some that your board can work on during this period of time to become a better board!


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