Who is the audience of a community foundation?

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    Courtney Schmidt

      Your community foundation has been established and you are ready to start creating change in your community.  Now what?  Well people need to know about you!  We have segmented our key audiences for our marketing into four groups.

      1) Current fundholders and donors – The most important group because they are already engaged with your community foundation and are eager to learn about what you are up to.

      2) Professional advisors – Most gifts that come to a community foundation are through a professional advisor.  They can be seen as the gatekeepers to the donors that you want to engage with your foundation.

      3) Non-profit sector – Who’s going to apply to your grant rounds? Who wants to collaborate to have a greater impact on the community?  Non profits!

      4) Community-At-Large – Overall community awareness so new potential donors can be reached.

      How do you segment your communications?  What is most helpful in making sure you reach all of your key audiences?

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