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    Amy Lee

      Being the Events Coordinator for CommunityGiving name tags are my nemesis.  Let’s be honest, they are a lot of work.  You have to make sure to have all the attendee names before the event, in an adequate amount of time I might add.  They need to be printed, sorted and organized before the event begins.  At the registration table, it can be a headache trying to find attendees names; then if you can’t find it or the attendee is replacing another attendee you have to create their name tag while there is a continuous commotion of additional attendees arriving to check in.  Then depending on the type of name tag you’re using you may want to try and collect the badges, to reuse them for other events, at the end of each event.  Trust me, I know they can be a lot of work.  Nevertheless name tags are IMPORTANT.

      Here are some reasons why you should consider, if you don’t already, adding name tags to your event.

      1. The event attendees appreciate them.
        • Not only do they make the event appear more professional to the attendees, the attendees may feel more professional or important wearing the name tag.
        • It is an easy way to help identify employees and staff so attendees can get their questions answered with ease.
        • If you have information about where attendees will be seated, which room they should go to for their conference, etc. you can add this to the name tags.  This is appreciated by the attendees because it helps them figure out where they are supposed to go in a likely unfamiliar building/location without having to ask anyone for assistance.
      2. They can get the conversation started with ease.
        • Name tags are a great assistant when you are having that forgetful moment, where you recognize the face, but cannot remember the name.  It is a great tool for name recall, just take a quick peek at the name and then greet the attendee as if you didn’t have any trouble remembering at all.
        • They are a fantastic tool for networking.  For instance, if an attendee spots someone in the same position as them, it allows these people to get together and have a conversation about their jobs.  Vice Versa if it is a position someone is looking to move into they can start the conversation about that too.  This would also work for company information.  *Note these examples are if the name tags include additional detail on them such as organization and position.
      3. They can be a great marketing tool.
        • You can add your logo, the logos of your sponsors, or the logo of the attendee’s organization to the name tags.  This not only helps with marketing of the different organizations it helps build brand recognition.

      If you still are struggling to find the motivation to use name tags at your event, just know even the Oscars luncheon uses name tags and even stars like Brad Pitt have to wear them.  See the article from Buzzfeed here if you don’t believe me.  🙂

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        Christine Frank

          They also help give a more accurate number of attendees and no shows that can be helpful information when planning the next event.

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          Amy Lee

            Yes, great point @cfrank!

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