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Amy Lee

    Great post regarding events @karinadejong!

    Additionally, sponsors are always key for a successful event.  You can’t have those decorations, delicious meals, and video productions without money.  Unless you have an unlimited supply of money within your organization or you are able to have a successful event with very little cost, sponsors are key.  Some key things to remember with sponsorship’s are:

    – Have an ask letter that makes an impact on them.  Why should they sponsor your event over another and/or what does your organization do that makes it stand out?  What will they receive in return for their sponsorship?

    – Follow up with that ask letter with a personal touch.  Give them a call, send them a personal letter or email asking for the sponsorship, take them to coffee, etc.

    – Once sponsorship is received, make sure they understand what you need from them for promotion and prep work for the event (logo, names of attendees, etc.) and make sure they know the event details so they can relay this information to anyone who might need to know.

    Thank them!  Before, during and after the event.  You can never thank your sponsors enough.