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Karina DeJong

    The partner of CMCF – the Willmar Area Community Foundation borrowed the “Get on the Bus” concept and it is also a hit with our donors! Our bus tours are called the “Community Impact Tours”.

    WACF offers this 3 to 4 times a year, in the months between May to October. We currently are focused on visiting two non-profits per bus visits. However, our tours are primarily focused on the non-profits in which WACF has granted to on a program/project in the past couple of years.

    During our timeframe at the non-profit they not only showcase everything they do, but give a moment to share about the partnership with the foundation. Donors can ask any types of questions throughout the tours and also on the bus. Before we arrive we share the background of the non-profit and the amount of dollars we have invested in the past couple of years to the non-profit.

    We have had huge success with these intimate tours. We usually have about a group of 20…which is perfect for our area due to that most of our non-profits are smaller. This allows for a lot of conservation and dialogue between the donors and the non-profit partners. We always ask at the end of a tour at each non-profit what they could use most at the current moment…what the current needs are. This is the perfect opportunity for our donors to be able to be the match to some of these needs by using their donor advised fund.

    Currently right now we invite donor advised fundholders, current and past fundholders and any key individuals in the area. We are excited to see how it can continue to expand this coming year. I HIGHLY recommend these tours!